Internet Voting

Fourth Annual UOCAVA Summit 2010 on Overseas and Military Voting hosted by Overseas Vote Foundation in Munich, March 18-19, 2010, including Internet voting debate--see all the videos at youtube, beginning with the rules of engagement.

"States Move to Allow Overseas and Military Voters to Cast Ballots by Internet," Ian Urbina, New York Times, May 7, 2010: "'The commission's decision basically takes the hazards we've seen with electronic voting and puts them on steroids,' said John Bonifaz, legal director of Voter Action."

Voter Action: "On April 26, 2010, Voter Action issued a letter charging the EAC with violating several federal laws in moving forward with proposed guidelines for Internet voting systems. In addition to rushing the public comment period, the EAC bypassed the technical committee responsible for reviewing voting system regulations."