July 4, 2008

Voice of the Voters' interim webpage

Temporary technical difficulties at VoiceoftheVoters.org forced us to post some programs here:

Voice of the Voters! Hosted by Mary Ann Gould, Lori Rosolowsky, and Jim Strait, with John Gideon reporting on the week's top voting news stories.

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July 2, 2008: New York State’s new HAVA voting machines—are they ready for prime time? Bo Lipari, Executive Director of New Yorkers for Verified Voting, reports on the situation in New York State as new HAVA-mandated voting systems begin to be tested and delivered. State election integrity advocates fought to have some of the strictest certification standards for voting machines in the nation. Now that the machines are finally being delivered and testing has begun, initial certification testing has uncovered thousands of defects and New York counties are reporting receiving machines that don’t work.
Bill Biamonte, Nassau County Commissioner of Elections
Nassau County formally informed the court overseeing New York State’s HAVA implementation that 85% of machines delivered to them to date have not been able to pass county acceptance testing. Bill tells us about the problems they’ve encountered and what Nassau wants to do about it.
Vicky Perry, Duchess County Board of Elections Machine Coordinator
Vicky shares her observations as the new systems begin to arrive, the implications of the early problems, and the uncertainty facing the Boards of Elections as they work to deploy ballot-marking devices for the first time this year. Audio at http://www.voiceofthevotersarchive.org/VV070208.mp3.

June 25 reprise of June 18, 2008: Senator Bill Nelson of Florida, sponsor of a reform bill that includes abolition of the Electoral College; Maryland State Senator Jamin Raskin, professor of law, American U., re the national popular vote; Alexander Keyssar, professor of history and social policy at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government; Bill Faulkner of Verified Voting of Florida; Dan Ashby of Election Defense Alliance. Audio at http://www.voiceofthevotersarchive.org/VV070208.mp3.

June 11, 2008: Anonymous, author of Cassandra, Chanting: An Election Insider's Nightmare, discusses "How to Steal an Election" with Ellen Theisen of VotersUnite.org. Audio at http://www.voiceofthevotersarchive.org/VV070208.mp3.